Welcome to the

Judging Covers
Writing Club

We aim to create an open and inclusive platform where every member feels free to express their ideas while also getting inspired by the works of their peers. We believe that every voice matters, every story is unique, and we all have something valuable to share. Our name 'Judging Covers' traces to our storytelling roots which began with journaling based on our journals covers.

Meet Your Hosts & Club History

Born from a shared passion for creativity and a collection of unique journals, Judging Covers writing club was the brainchild of two friends, Wade and Dori, who embarked on a journey of storytelling. It all began with the simple act of crafting narratives inspired by the cover art on their journals. 

Today the vision has evolved into a dynamic space where we welcome all to step into the spotlight of creativity and share. 


"...from the depths of my soul, I truly and genuinely want to thank both of you for having me there at your writing club event as a first-time attendee this past Sunday, and after what I encountered that day, you might as well proclaim me as a regular because that's what you've just made me. Trust me, your event is far from ever being my last time in attendance..."
Warren Swaggtastical Dixon Jr.